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About Us


Australian Academy of Business and Social Sciences (AABSS) is an institution devoted to high quality research and publication in business and social sciences. It is founded by a group of Australian academics who strongly believe that excellence in research and publication is the key to benefiting academics, businesses, society and other relevant stakeholders at local, national, regional and international levels. AABSS works with partners throughout the world and builds networks between research and publication, academic and society, the government and private sector, and across diverse interest groups. It organises international conferences on five continents and publishes scholarly research articles in journals and proceedings. AABSS is founded based on the philosophy to maintain an excellent standard all the way through its research promotions and publications. It also provides consulting services in the disciplines of business and social sciences. One of the impending objectives of AABSS is to offer research-based higher degrees such as Ph.D. and Masters in the disciplines on business and social sciences in partnership with other institutions of higher learning in Australia.

Our Mission

Through excellence in research and publication, we provide appropriate platforms as well as opportunities to academics in business and social science disciplines as well as businesses and relevant stakeholders to be critical thinkers and global citizens utilising their efforts and talents both effectively and efficiently.

Our Vision

To be recognised as an international academy striving for excellence in research and publication that benefits academics, businesses, society and other relevant stakeholders in their pursuit of achieving merit and sustainability in their professional lives.